Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 294

Since I am writing this blog so late, I need to keep it short because I'm going to be heading to bed soon. Needless to say, today has not gone how I've expected.

I went to the orthopedic surgeon today, and he said that I have a severely sprained ankle (which I could have told you). He has me off of the crutches and into a boot, he wants to immobilize the joint more than what my brace was doing. I will be starting physical therapy soon, hopefully later this week and then going back to see the doctor in 3 weeks. But he is hopeful that time will heal my ankle. So now it's just a waiting game.

Today I've also gotten a bunch of homework done, thankfully. I've actually been working ahead in Psychology (like usual) because I'm done with learning plans 5 and 6 (neither of them are even due yet). My theory on thins is get a head start on things so I don't have to procrastinate. Team Building is going okay, I heard from my teammates today and they like my PowerPoint so far, which is wonderful. Now I'm just sort of waiting on them to send me some stuff that they've worked on so I can add it onto the PowerPoint. Honestly, I probably should do some more work on that but I want to see what my teammates come up with before I continue on. So that leaves me with Psychology, and I like it better that way anyways. :)

Tonight I got so sick of just sitting and I really wanted to work out some, and now that I'm in this boot the doctor wants me to try walking on it. So that's what I did. I just slowly walked around the room, and I actually walked .4 miles. I just made sure to take it really slow and if it felt really uncomfortable I took a little break. But I made it for about 17.5 minutes, and I feel okay. It definitely helped with my yearning for exercise, but I'm sure that my ankle will pay for it a little bit. Hopefully I'm wrong though.

But I suppose, it's late and I have a bunch of homework to continue on tomorrow. So I should head to bed. Oh and the NL is winning in the All-Star game, 8-0 at the moment! Yeah, baby!! I love it! :) Until next time.


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