Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 291

It is so freaking gorgeous out today, it's finally cooled down some. We have a high of 83 today instead of in the upper 90s. I haven't been outside yet, but my mom was out and she said its absolutely gorgeous.

So I was going to check my email today and one of the top articles on Yahoo today was how to get flat abs fast, and a year ago I would have read the article in a heart beat and then try those moves right away. Now my initial reaction was to laugh because I know that you cannot just pin point fat loss. You will either lose fat everywhere or no where. You will not just lose fat in your stomach and no where else. I have seen so many of these articles lately, being that its summer time but I just can't help but laugh now. I just can't believe that not even a year ago I would have been reading these articles in an instant because I thought that they would help flatten my stomach. How naive was I? All I can say is thank you SparkPeople for teaching me the correct things. 

I am so excited for tomorrow, a group of my college friends are getting together. It will be so nice to see them, especially before I move away. I've spent the past 2 years of my life with most of these people and I'm going to miss them a lot after I move. I already miss them because we haven't been together as a group since the middle of May. And after seeing them at least 2 days a week for almost 2 years it seems weird to not see them. There is going to be a cookout of some sort, so I'm going to be good tomorrow and not indulge too much but more or less just enjoy time with these awesome people!

Today I have already made some great strides on my homework, I've mostly been working on my assessment for Psychology that is due on the 16th. It's a big assessment but it's not too horrible. I just love my Psychology class so much, I could read the material and work on this stuff all day long. Team Building is another story. I mean I'm getting things done but sadly I have to wait on my teammates until I can really start researching for our final project. This is why I would rather do homework on my own, but I'm just trying to be emailing my team quite often to make sure that we can get things done. And now thankfully, I get to put our final PowerPoint together, so I'll make sure that everything is done on time and done to the best of our ability. After being in Robin's classes, I've learned how to make a professional looking, yet creative PowerPoint. So I'm excited that my team is allowing me me put the PowerPoint together.

Most parts of my life is going really great, all expect my ankle. That aspect is just getting worse. It's becoming harder and harder to walk, even with the crutch. So I may have to just put on my wrist brace and use both of the crutches. My pain medication isn't helping, ice isn't helping, heat isn't helping, elevating it isn't helping. Nothing is helping with my pain. And I think that only using one crutch isn't helping either because I'm still putting pressure on my ankle. I'm hoping that if I start to use both crutches it may help with some of the pain. I guess we'll find out though. Only 3 more days until I see the orthopedic surgeon, so hopefully he'll be able to give me some news about this situation.

But I should get back to my homework. So until next time.


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