Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 289

Well this morning I caved in an called the doctor because my stupid ankle has been hurting more and now my toes are going numb randomly. I talked to the nurse and she wanted me to see the doctor right away, so about 20 minutes later I was at the doctor's office. And I got bad news, my ankle shouldn't be getting worse especially after 4 days. So on Tuesday I'll be heading to the orthopedic surgeon, because my doctor thinks that there may be a tear of one of the ligaments in my ankle. Just what I need... but at least I get in to see the doctor on Tuesday, that's only 5 days from now.

This is so discouraging, I've really been trying to stay positive but it's getting harder. It was okay the first few days, because I was expecting my ankle to start feeling better soon and that means that I was going to be able to get back to working out. But now that it's day 4 and it's only getting worse and now I'm heading to the orthopedic surgeon, I know that I'm getting further and further away from really great cardio. Everyday I'm trying to get in a few minutes of exercise, I've been getting between 5-10 minutes. I really wish that I could just go for a walk though. I'm yearning for it.

Besides the exercise portion of this, I just feel miserable. I feel like I can't do anything and I hate that. Even if I get up to get something to drink or use the rest room, my mom always asks me what I need and I'm really grateful that she wants to help. But then I just feel like I'm useless. I'm almost 22 years old, my mother shouldn't have to go get a glass of water for me.

I HATE this! I cannot wait to see the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday, it cannot come soon enough. I just want this stupid ankle to heal so I can get back to working out normally. And doing everything else that I normally would do.

I really don't mean to be whiny or anything like that but I'm just so frustrated. So thank you to anyone who's reading this for putting up with my frustrations. But I suppose, I have homework that won't do itself. So until next time.


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  1. Ick that really sucks!! You're not being whiney. I think you're being pretty tough. Until your ankle is better, just eat really good. You've been doing so well so don't think of this as a setback. It's just another obstacle you'll conquer to get to your goals! Good luck!