Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 285

What a busy day after a long night. Last night my friend who lives with my parents and I really needed to talk, so I didn't get up to bed until about 11:20 or so, which is a ton later than what I'm use to. And then this morning she needed to talk again because more crap happened

Today is it July 1st, it's half way through the year and I'm no where near where I wanted to be. It's very upsetting but it's all my fault. I've sabotaged myself. I looked over my numbers from the beginning of this year and I still weigh less than I did back in January but I should be a lot less than I am right now.
Tomorrow morning I'm going to take my July measurements, even though I haven't lost weight, hopefully I haven't gained any inches back.

Tonight I walked a mile, and I even cut off about 4.5 minutes from it. :) Which was amazingly awesome, I couldn't even believe it. I'm going to walk 1.5 miles tomorrow hopefully. But today I got in 25 minutes, which is a great start for July. And tomorrow is a new day and I'm going to do better than I have been. July is just the beginning of the rest of the year and I will do better from here on out. There are about 27 weeks left this year, so my goal is to lose 27 pounds. A pound a week, I can do it. And if I lose more, that's even better! 

I have realized that I am a major over achiever. In my Psychology class I am already finished with next weeks assignments and I'm 75% done with the next weeks assignments. I'm definitely going into the right field. Sadly, I am not anywhere close to being done with next weeks assignments in Team Building. I just cannot get into that class, but it still needs to be done. And I suppose I should start working on those assignments. So until next time.


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