Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 262

Another gorgeous morning, inside and out today. It'll be warm today though, we have a high of 85. I shouldn't be outside too much today at least. Today I'm getting lunch with Austin which will be awesome and then EOT tonight with Amanda. :) So it should be a great day on that front. And thankfully I got a good night's sleep last night, it was much needed. I'm still tired because I didn't catch up on all of my sleep but some is better than nothing.

I just watched the tutorial for my one challenge and I'm just waiting for my mom to leave in a few minutes and then I'll get on it. Upper body on my SP challenge and lower body and core on my other challenge. It should be a great workout, I'm ready to sweat! :) I'm going to make sure and do 4 sets of each of these exercises. It'll be a great burn, I'm excited for it.

Today I also have a few things to get done for my class, just 6 discussions to finish today and only 1 of them is actually due by the end of today. But I'm going to try and bust out all of those discussions as well. And then get started on next weeks assignments, since I'm going to be in Illinois/Iowa from Thursday-Saturday.

Well I suppose, now that I'm done with my breakfast I should probably get to my workout and then get ready. Until next time.


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