Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 258

Another beautiful morning, but it's going to be a little warm today. Oh well, I'll probably be in side for most of today. I'm in the middle of my workouts and then I started my first summer class today so I need to get started on that today as well.

I did my weekly, Monday weigh-in today and I'm down .2 pounds since Friday which I will definitely take! Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see a larger loss but my theory is a loss is a loss. Last night was I was proud of myself, my brother and sister-in-law and the kids came over for dinner like usual and I didn't eat a ton. I ate less than I normally do but more than I would have liked. Oh well, it's small changes that will make the difference.

The first workout I did this morning was my SP strength training video and it was awesome. Today we worked on the upper body, bicep curls, triceps, rows, and shoulder raises. My arms are feeling awesome now! And now I'm eating my protein bar and drinking some water and getting ready for the next part of my workout. This next part is definitely going to be a challenge. Especially since I'm doing 2 day's worth of videos today, I have 2 to make up for yesterday and 3 for today. I'm definitely getting my cardio in for the day! :) I'll make sure to do a short blog after my workout or I'll do my review in my blog tomorrow.

This week is going to busier than my past few weeks, because like I said earlier I'm starting my first summer class this week. So now I have homework again which means less free time. Now I'm thinking that I'll be doing my workouts completely in the morning and then homework in the afternoon/evening. Now hopefully it'll go as I plan. :)

But I suppose, I should probably get back to my workout. Until next time.


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