Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 257

Just another gorgeous day here in Wisconsin. I'm glad to finally be getting my blogging in for the day, it's later than I would have liked but later is better than never.

First I'll give you a little recap of my measurements taken yesterday. I have positive news from that. I have updated my measurements on my blog homepage already but I'll post them here too. First here are the body parts that stayed the same: chest, neck, left thigh, right calf, both arms, right wrist and my left forearm. I did not gain in any places. And finally are the places I've lost: waist -1.5, hips -.5, right thigh -.25, left calf -.25, left wrist -.25 and right forearm -1. So that's a total of 3.75 inches lost since the middle of May! :) I will definitely take it.

Yesterday I did my 2 videos and wow my SP video sure did work up a sweat. It was a Pilates ab video, lord it was hard. And I was unable to do all of the moves, I was able to do the basic moves but then while I was in the basic move she wanted you to add more motion which I was unable to do. My other video was a flexibility video, and I was actually able to do this one. I needed to modify some of the moves so I only did them to my range of motion.

And then today I did my SP video, taking a rest day from my other challenge. I'll just do today's and tomorrow's video's tomorrow. It was a butt video, that one was really hard as well. I can definitely feel my muscles working.

I am planning my dinner for tonight because we're going to be having my brother and sister-in-law and their kids over tonight. Sunday nights are always hard for me eating wise, I also eat too much. So I am planning and I am determined to do well tonight. I've already written down the calories in the meat that I may be eating and I won't be having a bun or chips tonight which will save me a ton of calories.

I suppose, I should go. Until next time.


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