Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 256

It's a gorgeous day today, sunny with a high of 74.

I felt really weird not blogging yesterday, but it was just a bad day for me. It didn't start out that way, I had my protein bar in the morning and then did my SP video along with my sit-ups and push-ups for my other challenge. Along with a little cardio. Then I had my OT appointment, but when I came home is when the day started going downhill. I was majorly craving Chinese food, and we have an amazing Chinese restaurant in town. So I had Chinese for lunch, I made a healthier choice than I typically would have, beef with pea pods and broccoli. That wasn't horrible, I was going to work out more after I ate, so I was getting back on track. But then my mom called me and told me that we were ordering this awesome pizza for dinner in honor of the school year being done. (She's a teacher, so she was pretty psyched) So at that point, I just decided to make that day my cheat day instead of my normal cheat day of Sunday. Honestly, I am not use to eating that much greasy food and I can tell, my stomach doesn't feel how it normally does. I am much more hungry and I have no doubt it's because I ate too much of bad foods yesterday. No wonder why I really don't do that anymore.

Today I am determined to do better and I will make sure that I do better. I have had a great NSV though, as I look down at my stomach I feel like it is smaller. It feels smaller, and I have to do my measurements for June so I'll find out if it's true or not. I'll update my measurements on my blog page after I'm done writing this.

I'm going to be getting coffee with my best friend this morning, I finally get my latte. I haven't had one in way too long. It'll totally be worth the extra calories and I'll just work it into my calorie totals for today. Then I'll probably be going shopping with my mom later today, woohoo a few extra calories burned walking around. :) I will be doing my challenge videos later today, probably after I get back with my best friend but before I go shopping with my mom.

But I suppose, I should probably get my measurements done and then get ready to get coffee with my best friends. Until next time.


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