Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 254

I am so loving the weather that we're having, partly cloudy and a high of 60.

This morning I am definitely feeling my workout from yesterday, my arms and legs are both hurting. It's a good hurt though. I looked at my video for my sparkpeople challenge today, and let me tell you it is going to hurt. Today's video is hips, glutes and thighs and after all my squats yesterday I'll definitely feel it. I don't think I'm going to do the squats in my other challenge today since I'm doing legs for SP but I will do abs and push-ups again. Tomorrow is the official start day of my other challenge, so soon I'll be right on track.

I've already planned out my lunch and dinner for today, because I really don't want yesterday's lunch mishap to happen again. Amazingly enough after my horrible lunch yesterday, I was still within my calorie range for the day. Actually I was 5 calories under my goal for yesterday. For lunch today I'll be having some baked chicken breast and green beans. And then for dinner I'm making my mother and I this creamy chicken basil parmesan thing. It looks yummy and hopefully it will be.

As soon as my dad leaves for work, I'm going to get going with my workout. He'll leave at around 11:45ish, so I'll get started right after I have lunch. I have my lower body work out planned, plus abs and push-ups and then some cardio. Not 100% sure what I'll be doing for that, either some kickboxing for some step-ups or maybe both. Honestly, I'll probably do both because I can only do step-ups for so long before my legs just hurt so bad that I can't do any more. After today, I'll have at least 230 fitness minutes this week. :) I'm majorly proud of myself, I haven't had this many fitness minutes in a week in a long time.

So I find something quite ridiculous. I've been doing these crunches differently than how they are typically done, thanks to my one challenge video. Instead of having your feet on the ground, you put your legs/feet up somewhere, I do it near the couch so you can make sure that you don't use your legs. And I absolutely love doing these crunches! :) In fact yesterday I did 113 yesterday and I cannot wait to do more of them today. This is such a strange feeling for me, I always hated doing crunches but not anymore.

But I suppose I should get on with my day. Until next time.


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