Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today I felt something that I didn't think I'd ever feel, after my morning workout I was yearning for more exercise. It was a weird but amazing feeling. So I took a walk this evening with my mom, we walked about a mile which was nice.

I ate a little more today than what I would have liked,  but I was still in my calorie range after eating back some of my exercise calories. A little over 2400 calories, which is technically still a calorie deficit from what it would take me to maintain my weight. 2982.2375 is the amount of calories I could eat in order to maintain my current weight, so today I had a deficit of about 510 calories.

Also today I was looking a different weight loss calculators online and I looked at the lean body mass and it was quite interesting.
1. Find out your body fat percentage, and mine was at 27.97 percent.
2. Take your weight * your body fat percentage and that will equal the pounds of body fat you have. For me it came out to 82.2318 pounds of body fat.
3. Take your weight - your pounds of body fat and you have your lean body mass. (Mine was 211.7682)

This sort of opened my eyes, my goal weight is about 50 pounds below that. Obviously, my body fat percentage will change as I continue to work out and watch what I eat, so that number may change. But I cannot imagine staying at 211 pounds, because for my height that is still considered overweight. So that being said, my goal weight may change as I get closer to it. I have never been thin by any means in my adult life, so I don't know what all of these weights will look like.

I have this major urge to start my second challenge a few days early and maybe just do the day one videos until the 1st. I'm really excited to start this challenge, so I may just do the day 1 videos tomorrow and then "officially" start the challenge on the 1st. Honestly, I'm to a point where I just want to get rid of this weight, so what's the point of waiting? It won't hurt me to do those exercises for a few days and then really get into the challenge. In fact, I think I may just start it tomorrow and get the added benefit. I'll probably do a review of the workouts daily and I've already taken my before pictures and will be taking the before measurements tomorrow before my workout.

I sort of love of my mindset is changing, I'm looking forward to my workouts. They are just more part of my day, and it's weird if I don't get some exercise in. I cannot wait until tomorrow morning, just so I can try the new workouts. :) I'm sure it'll come soon enough. I might do a little more walking tonight before I go to bed just because I can. Until next time.


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