Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 252

It's an absolutely gorgeous morning, sunny and 67 degrees. And only a high of 72. :) Much better than the past 2 days, maybe I'll be able to actually sleep tonight since it won't be as warm.

Today I've finally realized that my workouts have left much to be desired and it's no wonder why I haven't been losing much weight lately. All of my workouts were very low impact and didn't get my heart rate up that much. After researching on Myfitnesspal.com (one of the websites I'm apart of) and some of the other users recommended using bodyrock.tv . And they have month long challenges, so I think that I'm going to try it out. I'm also doing a challenge on sparkpeople.com called, Spring Into Shape Bootcamp Challenge. It's a four week challenge that has a toning video every day and incorporated cardio 5 days a week, well at least for week 1. Hopefully these two challenges will have me boost my fitness which in turn will help me start losing more weight again.

I stepped on the scale this morning and much to my surprise, I lost .8 pounds. I honestly couldn't believe it, especially after my eating last night. We had my brother, sister-in-law and my nieces and nephew over for dinner and I have officially found out what my worst eating time is. It's when my family makes a ton of food for the whole family, I always feel tempted to eat WAY too much. And again last night, I gave in and ate more than what I would have liked. 2 pieces of my Greek chicken, which wasn't too bad; only 252 calories right there. But then I had a hamburger, also not bad. Then 1 serving of baked beans and watermelon. Now here's where I went wrong, the chips, we had Cheetos and regular potato chips. I probably had 4 servings of Cheetos and 2 servings of the other chips. And then my mom made dessert, hot chocolate pudding over vanilla ice cream, which is really yummy.

So I've already done day 1 of my SP challenge, today was just a cardio kickboxing video. Tomorrow is when it'll get into the strength training video and then cardio. I'm feeling great after this first video, mostly because I love kickboxing. :) These challenges are going to get a little more difficult starting on Friday, because that's when I'm starting my other challenge. But honestly I really think this is what I need, I need to push myself and get this weight off. And it definitely won't come off if I just keep going with how I was doing it. I'm ready to get all this weight off once and for all and start the next part of my life.

Until next time.

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