Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Little rant

For lunch today, I had a Knorr Asian Side and some kettle cooked chips but I am still hungry :( I'm so not use to being hungry anymore and I don't like it. Honestly, I'm not 100% sure why I am still hungry because my lunch all together was a decent amount of calories, pretty typical for me. But thankfully, I drank 20 oz of water and the hunger is going away. :) Thank God. 

I got in 2 mini workouts today, 15 minutes of walking and 6 minutes of kickboxing. The walking was fine, but I had to cut my kickboxing short because it was just hurting my chest too much. I really wanted to do 10-15 minutes of kickboxing but alas that did not happen. Now I may just have to stick with walking and step-ups. But the thing is, I love kickboxing and it burns a ton of calories in a shorter amount of time. To put it in perspective, I burned about 130 calories in 15 minutes of walking at 3.5 mph and in 6 minutes of kickboxing I burned 135 calories. 

Sorry, just needed to rant a little. Until next time.


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