Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 251

It's a beautiful morning again, a little too warm for me though. It's only 9:30 am and it's about 80 degrees out plus the humidity.

Well Monday's are my weigh-in day, so I stepped on the scale this morning and I was not happy with what I saw. I'm not going to get too worked up over this though because weight can fluctuate so much from day to day. I believe that I know why the scale was up, the past few days my water in-take has been down and I've been eating a lot more crap than what I typically do. And what I mean by crap is that on Saturday I had a family get together so I couldn't count my calories very well and then yesterday I had some fast food for lunch with my mom plus since it was so warm I wasn't very hungry last night. So I had a protein bar but then some chips too. Not a good choice.

Today is a new day though and I'm ready to make a few changes. I will make sure that I get my 100 oz of water, already have 40 oz down today. I had a protein bar for breakfast and I got in 15 minutes of cardio so far and I did some upper body strength training. And I'm going to get in more cardio later today. It has been hard having to think about my sinus infection and upper respiratory virus before cardio, but if I don't I may start to cough a lot and then have to stop earlier anyways. So I've been trying to break up my cardio a little bit and do 10-15 minute cycles.

So far today, I've done 15 minutes of Wii Fit Free Step but I do it a little differently. I add some front kicks to begin with and then back kicks later on to help burn some more calories and raise my heart rate a little more.

Yesterday late afternoon/evening my best friend, her sister and I went and took our annual pictures. We had a ton of fun, as usual but it was SO warm! I felt like I sweated off 10 pounds, obviously not but ya know. :) It was still an amazing time with the girls. The pictures always show me something though, I see how far I've come and where I still need to go. These pictures don't lie, I still have a long way to go before I get where I want to be but I'll get there. I have 20 pounds that are gone forever and that won't ever come back.

Well I suppose, I should get in some more cardio this morning. Until next time.


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