Monday, March 19, 2012

Update on my goals

Another gorgeous day... we are definitely being spoiled in March! Let's hope that we can keep this up for a little while longer! :) 70 degrees are 6pm on March 19. Who couldn't handle that? 

I just want to give a quick update about one of my goals. This past week, I've really been trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet because I never did get enough. And I've been doing really well with it. I've been getting at least 5 servings per day, but typically more. So I'm really happy about it. 

And my weight loss is finally getting to be back on track, thanks to a lot of hard work! I've been working out really hard and watching my food intake. So I'm pretty excited for my weigh-in on Wednesday. I'm hoping for good results and I really think that I will get them. With all of my hard work, I am in such a great mood! Feeling super amazing! Even better, I'm so close to my 25 lb mark. I'm really hoping that I'll be close to hitting it this week. If I don't hit it, it won't be the end of the world, and I'll get it next week. That will be one of the big monuments of my weight loss so far. My second big number that I will have hit. I just cannot wait to hit that mark. My confidence level just continues to rise with each passing day. 

Well, I just wanted to give everyone a quick update. So until next time.


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