Sunday, March 18, 2012

Great week ahead of me

It was another gorgeous day, it hit 81 today! And it's only March 18, it's rather ridiculous but I'm not complaining.

Church was great this morning, as always. Worship was definitely the best part. And the message was awesome, the church that I go to is so blessed with 4 amazing pastors. We had Choirs Who Care this afternoon. It's a bunch of churches around the community coming together and singing to help raise money for people who are going through very costly medical issues. It's so moving hearing all of the choirs, but it was freakishly hot in the church. So I was really glad to get home and be near a fan.

Tonight was awesome as well! We had Adam and Jen and the kids over, along with my grandma for dinner. We grilled out, turkey brats, hot dogs, and hamburgers, with beans, chips and some of my homemade mind brownies for dessert. :) It was awesome. And I did well with my eating, 2 turkey brats, 2 servings of chips, 1 serving of beans and a few brownies.

I'm quite excited for this week. I'm on spring break, but I will need to get some homework done this week. And thankfully, I don't have a whole lot to get done by next week. So I should be able to get most of it done. Plus I'm going to get in some great workouts this week, I know that for sure. And I'll be making some awesomely delicious and healthy meals this week. So it will be a great week.

This Friday I'm also going to be meeting up with one of my friends. It'll be awesome. She and I talk everyday and we haven't seen in each other. Plus my best friend will be coming back home for the weekend, so I'll get to see her as well. :) So the weekend will be great for more than one reason.

I just cannot believe that it is already the 18th of March, we're more than half way through the month already. I'm graduating in 9 weeks! :) That's freaking crazy. I'm so excited for it though! It will be an amazing accomplishment, and hopefully I can get my GPA up a tiny bit so I can graduate with honors. That would be an even more amazing thing.

But it's getting to be sort of late. So I'm off to bed. Until next time.


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