Thursday, March 8, 2012


I probably should really be doing homework right now instead of blogging, but I just need to get some emotions out. At this moment, I am so freaking frustrated and overwhelmed, it's not even funny. It's the point of the semester where everything is just on my shoulders. I just don't know what to do. I know this will pass but it's just hard right now. I'm listening to KLOVE online right now, and it's helping things a little, because at least I get to listen to good music.

Everything just seems to be falling apart. My school work is just piling on more and more and it's not getting any easier. With my weight loss, things have been really tough lately. I hurt my leg about a month ago, and it hurts to put any pressure on it. So I've been going to physical therapy but I can't do a whole lot of exercise right now because of it. I've been trying to focus on eating healthy but with all the stress of everything it makes it difficult. Ahh!! I just want to scream.

Well that was my little rant for now, I have stuff to get done before I have ethics tonight. So until next time...


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