Thursday, February 9, 2012

Amazing day

Today has been really wonderful so far, besides the fact that I woke up about an hour and 15 before my alarm was suppose to go off. But that gave me even more time this morning, I got up and worked out. This morning I did "The Last Chance Workout" on my new Biggest Loser DVD, and it was awesome! It is just 5 circuits that last for a total of 25 minutes. Honestly, I prefer circuits, because we do cardio, then strength and just repeat that over and over and over. It really helps with the endurance, that's for sure.

After my work out this morning, I showered and then just sat and did nothing really. I have the pork chops marinating for dinner tonight and they are going to be wonderful. Then I made my lunch and had to run to the store and now I'm at school. Now I am just waiting for a long day of classes to start. And then I get to have coffee with my best friend tonight, I cannot wait. And of course homework this afternoon and evening.

I suppose though, it's about time for class. So I should go. Until next time.


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