Monday, January 16, 2012

Turning Point

Today has really been a great day so far. I just seem to have quite a bit of energy today, which is very helpful when I'm going to work out. This morning, I've done 20 minutes of Coach Nicole's work outs. I also had a yummy breakfast, apple cinnamon oatmeal. That has to be my all-time favorite flavor combo.

Last week, I analyzed my breakfast and things needed to change and I made a great change. Typically I would eat between 7:30 and 8:15am but then I was very hungry starting at 10:00 or 10:30, which was not a good thing. If I ate again, then my eating schedule would be very off. So I decided to wait to eat breakfast until at least 9:30, and so far it has been working well. I have not been hungry again until around 12:00. This was a really wonderful change, and I'm glad that I realized as early as I did.

There was one thing that I forgot to put in my blog yesterday, and that was what my turning point really was. So I've decided to just put it in today's blog. Here it goes:

My real turning point was when I reached my highest weight and pant size. (Those numbers will be disclosed on here until I reach my goals) The pants were starting to get tighter and there was no way I was going up another pant size.

So now I'm done. Done being overweight. Done having to buy clothing in a special store or section. Done being the fat girl. Done hating how I look. Done with everything negative. I can do this! And this time I won't give up.

Something else that I had thought about last night was how I really need to keep myself accountable for the food that I eat. When I do struggle, it is because of my calorie intake. So I've decided to post what I eat and the calories, that way I can go back and analyze what worked and what didn't. Plus my water in-take needs to stay up as high as I have had it the past few days. So I'll be posting that as well. My calorie in-take is 1900-2300 calories and my water in-take is at least 8, 8 oz. glasses.
I'll be editing the blog throughout the day as I eat.

Breakfast: Apple cinnamon oatmeal 213 calories
Lunch: Chicken flavored pasta with green beans 520 calories
Dinner: Syrupy Pancake Bake with raspberries and blueberries 539 calories
Snack: Chicken linguini with red pepper alfredo 260 calories
              Chocolate ice cream with raspberries 508 calories

Total: 2039 calories

Water: 10

~ Sara ~

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