Tuesday, January 17, 2012


What a nasty day, it's snowing and we're suppose to get 2-4 inches today. I've got my follow up doctor appointment from my surgery this afternoon, hopefully everything is healing the way it's suppose to.

I had a really great work out this morning, Coach Nicole kicked my butt. The cardio kickboxing is the greatest, it's a ton of fun and it gets my heart rate up. So 20 minutes of awesomeness this morning and hopefully will do some walking a little later. Inside walking for sure, not going to walk in this grossness. 

This morning I did realize something though, I do really well during the day but then when the night comes I need to eat more calories and then I over eat. So this is something that I'm really going to be working on in the days to come. I'm trying to eat around 2000 a day, so I'm trying to get around 700 or 800 through lunch and the rest is consumed for dinner and afternoon/evening mini-meals. We'll see how this works, hopefully it will help. I'll figure out if it works in the next few days. 

I have my weigh-in tomorrow morning and I'm quite excited for it. I've been working really hard this week, working out and trying to eat right. So we'll see if I'm doing enough right now. 


Lunch: Canadian bacon pizza with green beans 525 calories
Dinner: Chicken Parmesan with green beans and cheesy potatoes 965 calories
Snack: Honey nut cheerios with raspberries 540 calories

Total: 1920

Water: 8

~Sara ~

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