Friday, January 20, 2012

Tired but new mentality

Wow, I am not very energized this morning, but I'm hoping that will change after I work out for a little while this morning. Plus I'm starving this morning, and not really sure why. I'll eat something after my work out. All of this yawning needs to stop soon though, it just makes getting up and exercising even harder. I will not let this stop me though, mentality is everything and I'm going to stay positive and try my hardest. At this moment, I'm so proud of myself, before I decided to make a lifestyle change if I was tired or didn't have energy I would have just given up on the day but not now. Because I've really changed my lifestyle, things are different now. I'm a new person, a better person. What an awakening, huh?

Last night was really wonderful, I had some tea at a local coffee shop with my best friend and had some much needed girl talk. This is one thing that I hate about being an adult, she and I don't get as much time together as we use to. I'm in school and she works 3 jobs, so we don't have as much time. If I do get accepted to Providence, our time together is one of the things that I'll miss the most. And yes, we'll still talk through phone, texting, Skype, Facebook, ect... but it just won't be the same as talking face to face. Don't get me wrong, I know that's just a part of growing up, but sometimes I just wish we didn't have to. We've already lost one of our friends to moving away and we only get to talk to him through Skype, texting, Facebook, phone, ect... and it's just not the same. I guess that's just how life is, by the end of it, we can imagine that most people from our group of friends will be all around the country. And believe me, I know that change can be a good thing but it's just hard sometimes when we've all been together for so long. But I'm sort of bringing some of it onto myself because I don't even want to stay around here, and hopefully this will make our friendships even stronger because we have to work at them more. I won't give up in this because my friends mean the world to me, and they're amazing.

Oh, and yesterday I received an email from the captain of my team on the biggest loser challenge that I'm participating in through Spark People. She asked me if I wanted to become a co-captain in the team, I was so honored that she decided to ask me. So I'm happy to say, I am now a co-captain on that team! :) I'm so excited for this!

Here is my food and water in-take for the day.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with brown sugar and strawberries 239 calories
Lunch: Rice and whale crackers 775 calories
Dinner: Chicken and cheese potatoes 497 calories


Water: 14


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