Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stressing out

It feels so nice to finally be able to blog today, it's a lot later than what I typically do but it's better late than never. I've had a very busy day today, I got up at 7:30, worked out until about 8:30, showered, and left for class by 9:45. Then I had class from 10:30 until 5:00 pm, came home and had dinner with the family and now I'm finally able to relax a little. Well sort of relax at least.

I did have a wonderful work out this morning though, I walked on my Wii Fit for a half an hour and I'm going to be doing a little strength training intervals to get in a little more cardio this evening. It will help me de-stress, which is what I really need to do.

Today I found out that I need to find my own internship, which I didn't know before today. So now I'm frantically searching for an internship because I need to have one within a month. Tonight I have been searching for an internship from when I got home to when I ate dinner, and then I search a little longer but I just really needed a break, so I decided to blog. :)

I just have a feeling that this semester is going to be very long and stressful, so I'm really hoping that I can handle all of it. Today I did drop my Business Proofreading class and enrolled in Ethics instead because I actually need Ethics and I had 2 more credits than I needed for my elective. I've heard that class is tough and I'm taking it in 7 weeks. Lord, what am I doing?? It's alright, I'm not the first person to take Ethics accelerated. I'll get through this. And hey, it doesn't start until March, so I've got a little time to prepare.

Here is my food and water in-take for the day:

Breakfast: Cheerios 110 calories
Lunch: Oatmeal and fruit 454 calories
Dinner: Veggie soup and peanut butter sandwich 639 calories
Snack: Whale crackers

Total: 1680

Water: 10


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