Monday, January 30, 2012

Not happy with myself

Wow, I am so not happy with myself today! Today started out normal, I tried two new work outs on SparkPeople this morning, so I got in my 20 minutes. But then I had to eat something, I was really craving pizza this morning. So, stupid me, I made a pizza and ate the whole thing! :( What in the world was I thinking? But hey, I haven't ate a whole lot more today. And I'm hoping that with dinner tonight I'll be satisfied and won't need to have anything else tonight.

Now this afternoon, I ordered two Biggest Loser DVD's that I cannot wait to get next week. Hopefully these work outs will help get me over this plateau. I'm going to make sure that I make better food choices tomorrow. It will help because I have class tomorrow, so I'll be out from 9:45-12:45ish. I always seem to make better choices when I have a busy day and I'm out and about.

I am sort of surprised at my homework load for this semester already, I have not had as much as I expected. And I'm sure when I have Ethics for those 7 weeks, it will be crazy and it will be different when I start my internship but I expected to have more.  In BDM, I'm rarely ever going to have homework. Internship, again, I'll rarely ever have homework. In Business Law, besides a 2-3 discussion questions/learning plan and reading a chapter or 2 every week, there's no homework. Economics, yes there's homework but not a ton. And I have no idea how Ethics is going to be. Honestly, I thought that there was going to be a lot more homework, especially in Business Law. Believe me, I'm not complaining about this fact, it's just surprising.

But I do have homework that needs to be completed and PLL is starting very soon. So I better get started now while I still have a few minutes.


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