Sunday, January 29, 2012

Great but busy day

It has been a really great day today, busy but great. I had church this morning (even though I went last night too) and the worship and message was great, like always. Honestly, I didn't learn a whole lot because it was something that I already knew but I know that some people really needed to hear that message. Then I had choir practice from 1:00-2:00 this afternoon, and that was really great. I was able to see someone that I had really wanted to see. He always seems to bring a smile to my face :) Then I went and had coffee with my best friend this afternoon and didn't get home until quite recently. And now I'm just at home with my family, chillin out.

I had such a great conversation with my best friend this afternoon. And as much as I am okay with the fact that I'm single, I'm not at the same time. I would really enjoy being with someone, the past few days I've noticed a few good looking guys. Before the past few days, I haven't really noticed a guy that I have been possibly interested in for a few months. And I really don't know what's different now. Yesterday at the coffee shop there was the guy who noticed me, today I church the guy who was sitting behind me and then a guy that I've sort of been interested in for awhile that goes to my church. What in the world is going on with me?? This is not how I am.

But I suppose it is homework time now.


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