Sunday, January 22, 2012

Excited!! :)

This morning I am so excited, and I am doing reflecting on yesterday. When I look at my food in-take, it's lower than what I usually try to aim for, but I felt quite satisfied with everything that I ate yesterday. And I'm so excited because last night I tried on a shirt that use to be overly tight and it now fits comfortably!! :) So that means I am done one shirt size, and I already know that I am down between 1-2 pant sizes. Seeing progress in this sense is even better than seeing it one the scale sometimes. I absolutely love it when clothing begins to fit better or is very loose. That is such a self-confidence boost. And when I was looking in the mirror this morning, I feel lighter and I cannot wait until my official weigh-in this week. I've been working really hard this week, especially with my work outs.

One thing that I'm thinking about doing is cutting back on my carbs, I am still consuming an awful lot of those. And I think that cutting out a few more carbs, more or less breads and pastas, that it would help me.
I had a great work out this morning though, I tried something new, The Biggest Loser Boot Camp. It was fun and I feel so amazing after it.

Here is my food and water in-take for today:

Breakfast: Cheerios and raspberries 140 calories
Lunch: Popcorn chicken and fruit salad 573 calories
Dinner: Bacon cheese burger pasta with green beans 610 calories
Snack: Pizza, brownies, ice cream 1498 calories

Total: 2822

Water: 12

This was really hard for me to post today, I did horribly with my food choices this evening. But I'm done eating tonight and tomorrow will be better.


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