Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weigh-In and Looking Back

Hi, all!

Happy Sunday! How are you all doing today? How are all of your goals coming along? Mine as going fairly well thus far. :) It's been a wonderful weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing what this week has in store. Plus, my best friend got to town today and we'll be spending time together numerous times throughout the week. :) I'm going to go over how Friday and Saturday went before I say anything else.

I had a good day on Friday until the evening. I ate more than I wanted to at dinner and then my two youngest nieces and I made cookies together. If I wouldn't have eaten so many cookies, I would have been fine. I did workout more to make up for it, so ultimately I was only 80 calories over, but it wasn't as a good a day as I had hoped. I let my food addiction take over, it's as simple as that. I did not make good food choices in the evening and I ate way too much. Overcoming this addiction is hard work, but I need to move forward. One bad day will not dictate how the rest of the week and month goes. On Friday I received the scale from the weight loss study I'm a part of and I'm in love with the scale. UCLA sent me a $100 scale for free! Plus, I downloaded a free app on my phone and the scale syncs with it, so that's amazing. The even better news, when the study is over, I get to keep this scale. :)

Saturday was wonderful. I wasn't planning on working out, but I felt the need in the morning. So, I got in a nice 25-minute walk. Then in the evening, I made this delicious peanut butter, chocolate, strawberry/banana smoothie, and it was healthy! It tasted more like a shake and I added some protein powder to it, so it had some added protein. :) I love having a blender again! I weighed in for the weight loss study's official beginning weight and it was back up to 311.4, so my loss from a few days ago was not correct (just as I suspected). So, I'm correctly my weight from 308 back up to 311. Overall, I had a great day Saturday! I was under my calorie goal and worked out. :)

Okay, now on to today. I'm weighing in every day for the study, but Sunday is my official weigh-in day. So here are those results:
Starting Weight: 315 lbs
Last Weight: 311.4 lbs
Current Weight: 312.4 lbs
Weight Lost: 2.6 lbs

Well, the scale showed a gain this morning. I'm not too worried about it because I know I didn't eat enough to actually gain a pound. In fact, according to my records, I should have lost at least .75 lbs. So, I'm probably retaining water or something like that. I worked hard last week and I know that as soon as my body is used to what I'm doing, I'll start seeing results. This week I'm planning on adding more strength training, at least 3 days and cardio at least 5 days. 

Tomorrow morning I have an interview for a freelance data entry position, so I'm pretty excited! It's just a temporary position, but it could possibly lead to other projects and give me some more experience. Something else exciting, my best friend is getting into town later this afternoon and she'll be here for a week! I'm either going to see her when she gets here or we're getting together tomorrow sometime. :) I can't wait to have some one-on-one time with her again. Well, I'm off, I've got to do some things around the house and then make some lunch. I hope you all have an amazing day and week. Until next time!


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