Monday, September 29, 2014

New Week

Hi all!

Happy Monday! How are you all on this beautiful last September morning? It's cooling down again here and I'm so freaking excited about it! :) What are you going to do to make this week positive? Personally, I'm going to make sure to work hard in all things that I do, make healthy choices and just stay positive in all things.

Yesterday I finished half of my homework and I can't do anything else until later this week. So I may starting doing some research for my final and then things won't be so stressful in a month when I'm starting my next class. It's crazy, currently I am feeling so motivated to get my work done and because there are not a lot of assignments each week, I've been working ahead. I am loving my current class, it's the History of Psychology and as a psychology major, it is absolutely amazing! For a lot of people this type of class may seem boring but this is a mixture of my two favorite subjects :)

Well I'm off to go get my workout in for today and then making some lunch. I hope that you all have an amazing day. Until next time!


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