Monday, July 8, 2013

Weigh-In (Day 655)

Hi all!

Happy Monday! How are you all doing today? I am seriously a bad blogger.... again. I've just been so busy with all of my school work. I have all of my typical school work plus a final that's due on Sunday (which I finished yesterday :) ) and then 2 finals due next Sunday. Plus my friends Ashley and John are coming to visit me this weekend (hence why I need to get this homework done early, so I don't have to be doing it while they are here). It is going to be an amazing weekend, Friday we're going out to a Mongolian restaurant and I'll be showing Ashley the wedding dress that I fell in love with and she'll be trying on some bridesmaid dresses. Saturday and Sunday, who knows what we're doing. Either Saturday night or Sunday morning we'll be going to my church (which is amazing), I'm really excited to have them check it out. 

But yesterday was weigh-in day and I want to get back to posting my weigh-in. So I'm going to be doing that today. I'm so thankful that after my binge on Tuesday I was right on key with my nutrition and the scale showed that fact. 
I am still trying to get into a fitness routine again but at least my nutrition is better. It's a start and my goal for this week is to continue with my nutrition and add some fitness as well. 

Starting Weight: 315
Last Weigh-In: 272.8
Current Weight: 271
Total Lost: 44

I have an interview tomorrow with a university and I am very hopeful for it. From what I have heard and read, this job would be a great fit for me because I would get to unofficially provide students with counsel. Not to mention that it would pay the bills plus some and that way I would be able to pay off more of my student loans and save more each month. So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow, I would appreciate it! 

Well it's time to get back to my paper and my finals. Gotta get these things done before Ashley and John come visit me. :) I hope you all have an amazing day. So until next time!



  1. school comes first hun and if folks in blog world cant understand that then they arent a true person or a true blogger

  2. Keep me posted on the job interview--praying for you, girly!