Thursday, July 4, 2013

Comparison with Pictures! (Day 651)

Hi all!

Happy Thursday and Happy 4th of July! How are you all doing today? I am so thankful that yesterday was better than Tuesday. Last night I went to church, which I think will be a part of my weekly routine, at least for now. And I just had to say that I have not felt so at home in a really long time. I've known these people since Sunday (3 days) and I already feel like part of the family. 

Oh and I decided that I’m going to start carb cycling again, starting today. It helped me so much before, so hopefully it will help me get out of my current funk. I am determined to get back into a healthy routine because my health is one of my top priorities.

So since I have been down lately, I decided to do some comparisons (numbers and pictures) and I want to share them with you all. First is the numbers:
Pounds Lost: 42.2
BMI: -5.7 points
Body Fat Percentage: -8.09%
Pounds of Fat Lost: -46.74
Lean Weight: +4.54

Waist: -4.75 in
Hips: -6.75 in
Neck: -2 in
Thighs: -2.38 in
Calf: -1.88 in
Upper Arm: -3.75 in

Total Inches Lost: 21.51

That is insanely encouraging to me. I may not be to my goal yet, but I am a lot closer than when I first started. And now for the pictures:

Before:                                                                                           Now:
September 2011

February 2013

I see a difference... and in fact I don't have any of those clothes I was wearing the before picture because they are way too big. :)

Anywho... homework time again. Have a wonderful day! So until next time!


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  1. You look great now girl. yea I got rid of lots of my clothes that didnt fit me when I was like 180 or more. and now I wish I did b/c I could wear it all now. happy 4th