Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Be Careful What You Say (Day 670)

Hi all!

Happy Tuesday! How are you all today? It is a warm but beautiful day here. So is it weird that I am really excited for this hiring event I'm going to on Friday night? But I really really want the weekend to be here because I'm going to a Brewers/Rockies game on Saturday night in Denver. :) I haven't been to a baseball game yet this year, so I am freaking excited!

Let me tell you, it is so incredibly nice to not be overly stressed out about school. The past few weeks have been so busy and stressful because of finals and other papers. Even though I still have homework it's only 1 discussion and 1 paper, that will seem like nothing compared to what I was use to. And it's crazy to think about but as long as I don't fail any of my classes, I will be graduating in 9.5 months!! Plus I only have 13 classes left, I'm way too excited.

I was thinking today about something really important. Parents, what you say about yourself around your children really does matter. What brought this up you ask? Well my mom text me a picture of her new glasses today and asked me what I thought. I told her that I loved the glasses but it would be better if she was smiling in the picture. She responded saying that she has a weird smile and she doesn't like it. That really made me think about my life. Looking back at my life, my mom has always said negative things about herself. There's no doubting that she is self-conscious because she weighs more than she would like to be. I personally believe that what a mother says about herself, a daughter will believe about herself. And it's the same with father's and sons. When I was a teenager and young I would base my worth on physical things because my mom would say negative things about herself physically.

I may not be a parent but if God does decide to bless me with children I hope that I exhibit confidence and only say positive things. Growing up I struggled a lot with my self-image and I don't want to aid in any self-confidence or image problems. Don't get me wrong, my mom has always told me how beautiful I am, no matter what I weighed. But seeing how she viewed herself was a greater driving force than what she told me.

So please remember, be careful what you say about yourself in front of your children or anyone in that matter. You have no idea how much it can affect them. But anywho... homework time. I hope you all have an amazing evening! So until next time!


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