Monday, May 27, 2013

Life is Crazy (Day 613)

Hi all!

Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day! I cannot even say thank you enough to all the men and women who have given their lives to serve and protect us. How are you all doing today?

It's the beginning of a new week, what are you all doing to make this week great? This morning I did a few job searches in Colorado and I have an informational session about the job tomorrow afternoon to see if it would be something that I am interested in. So we'll see how it goes and if it goes well then I may be making a trip out to Colorado again soon. I also went for a walk this morning, even though the weather is colder and looks like it could rain, I didn't let that stop me. It felt amazing to get outside and just walk... I also talked to my best friend on the phone while on my walk. My best friend went through a similar situation last year about whether or not to move away. She got an amazing job offer in Iowa and she's been down there for almost 15 months now, so I knew that I could talk to her about this.

This morning my new classes opened and after looking at them, I have realized just how crazy the next 6 weeks will be. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I want to accomplish everything. At this moment, I am thinking that I should just try to get all of my discussions done in one day for the next 5 weeks. If I do that then I will have more time to focus on my papers and learning activities. I know that I'll be able to get through this if I prepare.

Oh and it was also nice this morning, Abid called me and we got to talk for almost 8 minutes on the phone... that's some sort of record for us. :) His internet has been horrible lately, so that's been tough. We haven't really been able to talk since Monday and even before that his internet was bad so the video wasn't the greatest but at least I was able to hear his voice. It's getting harder to be apart because of the internet problems but I know that God will get us through and he has a purpose for all these things happening. I am praying that we will hear something about our petition soon, it has been close to 2 months now. But they said it will probably take at least 3, so we are getting closer to the time when we should hear something back. It's hard being patient.

"Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him;" Psalm 37:7a

That is what I will leave you all with today because I have homework that needs to be done before we have family over later. I hope that you all have an absolutely wonderful day and do not forget to remember all the men and women who have lost their lives for our freedom. So until next time.


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