Monday, March 18, 2013

Rebounding and School (Day 543)

Hi all!

Happy Monday! How is everyone doing today? We're getting a snow storm today but at least it's in the 30's. Thankfully it's suppose to only snow today and possibly tomorrow and then there is no more snow on the forecast. The snow can stop any time now though. It's sort of funny, last year at this time it was in the 60's and this year it's just about 30. Goes to show you how much different each year can be.

Yesterday I did horrible with my eating, amazing enough I was still within my carbs/protein/fat totals but my calories were WAY over. I am definitely feeling it today, when I was working out I felt so sluggish. Today I was scheduled to walk for 30 minutes, not too bad, but I got winded really quickly. There is no doubt in my mind that it was because of my eating yesterday. But I did walk 1.3 miles, nevertheless. Tomorrow I may take an off day because my dad has off and will be around the house.We'll see, who knows, if he's out and about I may get a walk in. Wednesday I'm back it for sure though, I'm scheduled to walk 2 miles and then 2.25 miles on Friday, plus some extra walking on Thursday. Today has been a rebound day of sorts, at least with my nutrition, and it's going so much better.

Today I registered for my summer classes, it will definitely be a busy summer. Beginning on April 29 I'm taking Biology with an online lab (not quite sure how I can do a bio lab online, but okay, whatever), Acts & Pauline Literature and History of Christianity (Yay! Two bible classes, I'm pretty psyched for them)! But my Biology class lasts 10 weeks, so it will go into my second summer session. Speaking of that, I'm taking Essential Business Communication and Psalms. I am way too freakishly excited for my Bible classes. After this, I only have 3 general education classes left and 10 psychology classes! So as long as I take at least 2 classes every spring/fall and 4 classes in the summer (besides my last one) I will graduate by the end of Summer 2015. Which is a year ahead of schedule, who knows, maybe I can 3 classes in spring/fall and I'll be able to graduate sooner. We'll see once summer session begins, hopefully I'll be able to handle it. All I know is that it's a good thing that I have no life :)

I have some homework to get to, already finished my discussion, but I have to finish up something for a future paper, then watch a 2 hour documentary (dang!) before writing my paper for this week. Plus a bunch of blogs to catch up on. Have a great afternoon/evening everyone! So until next time.



  1. I notice that I have harder workouts after a day of not eating so well too! I think my body is working too hard to get the junk out and it can't focus on the workout. Hope you get back in to your groove! Yay for classes you enjoy, those are the best kind :)

  2. Yuck, I can't say that I miss school although someday I will definitely have to go back and finish my degree! I can totally relate to struggling through workouts when I'm not eating as clean as I should. Good luck this summer. Summer classes are my least favorite. lol

  3. Ugh, we sure got the snow yesterday and today. I am so over it!

    I haven't worked out since I got bronchitis (about ten days ago!). Sure I was super sick for a few of those ten days, but I really need to get my booty back in the gym. I applaud your commitment; you're inspiring me- maybe I'll go tonight xo