Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Promoting an Awesome Blog! (Day 544)

Hi all!

Happy Tuesday! How is everyone doing today? It's finally sunny here today, I welcome it willingly. But it is colder, beggars can't be choosers. It's suppose to be warmer soon, finally (warmer means mid-30's to 40's). It's pretty sad when I'm getting excited for mid-30's to 40's :). But that is life when you live in Wisconsin, especially during the winter time.

Yesterday I did so much better nutritionally, it was a good rebound day. Now today I feel so much better, it was easier to exercise and I was just feeling better in general. I did get some exercise in today, which I was very happy about. My dad made it super easy on me, he had to go out and run some errands in near town, but I knew he would probably be at least an hour. So not long after he left, I got some walking in and strength training with a focus on my biceps today. Today I walked a mile, so it was a nice little walk. Tomorrow will be much longer though, I have 2 miles scheduled. I'll probably do a little strength training as well, I'm thinking that I'll focus on shoulders tomorrow.

So if you all haven't checked out Annie from Annie One Can Cook, you totally should! She is pretty much the sweetest person I have "met" online. Honestly, I feel as if we have actually met already. I love her posts way too much, she is so real and I relate to her so well. Someday, I hope that we can actually meet. But either way, you all need to go and check her out and leave her some love!

Well my friend whose wedding I am in is moving their wedding up. They are now doing a destination wedding with just me and another guest to be their witnesses. But get this, they want to get married in 3 weeks!?! This is more or less because my friend has a heart condition and she's not doing the best with it, and she doesn't have health insurance right now and her future hubby does through his work. But it's hush hush (good thing no one in her family reads my blog :) ), they are going to have a bigger ceremony next year with their families and friends. I'm super happy for them and I'm honored that they want me to be one of their two witnesses. But now, what do I wear? She said I can wear whatever, a dress of some sort. I'll have to go through my closet and see which of my dresses fit and look good on me. :)

My classmates are still driving me crazy, but what else is new. But I can tell that my professor is getting really upset about it because he keeps sending us emails that our initial post is due tonight (thankfully I posted mine yesterday). I'm really hoping that in my other classes, people are more active. Not much I can do either way though, I'm making sure that I get everything done on time. I won't let my classmates get me down and ruin my grade. If they want to get down graded, that's their business.

Speaking of school, time to go see if anyone else has posted. Probably not, but it's wishful thinking. Have a wonderful afternoon/evening everything! So until next time.



  1. yeah when it reaches 40 degrees here in MN people break out the shorts and flip flops :) Is the destination wedding moved somewhere warm or tropical?? You will totally have to post pics when you pick your dress!