Monday, March 11, 2013

Catching Up (Day 536)

Hi all!

Happy Monday! How is everyone doing today? Did you all have a good weekend? Mine was wonderful, busy but wonderful. I just want to say thank you to everyone who commented on my blog yesterday about me revealing my current weight. You all are amazing and so encouraging! I was really nervous about revealing my true weight (not sure why because I have my highest weight out there and how much weight I've lost). But nevertheless, I was nervous. All of your encouragement was so wonderful, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. So thank you!

This morning I did not want to get up, so I slept a lot later than what I normally would (well sort of). The time change made it look as though I slept an hour later, I woke up at 8:30. So before the time change, that was in my normal time frame. But that just means that the morning went a lot faster than normal. Probably didn't help that Abid decided to call me at 12:40 this morning, it was 10:40 in the morning by him. He felt horrible that he woke me up, but that's the best way I could have been woken up. Anytime I get to hear his voice, is a wonderful thing.

I just finished up my workout, and I'm feeling amazing. It's amazing how great I feel after a workout, even if it's just a walk and a little upper body strength training. My pedometer is amazing, I found the perfect spot to wear it while walking where it very accurately counts my steps/mileage. It was just this little cheapy pedometer (because I can't afford much right now), but it's doing the job. 1.05 mile walk today in 20 minutes, my time is improving again. Today I didn't really have a real "goal" of how far I was going to walk or mileage or anything. My back/hip was starting to hurt right around 16 minutes, so I pushed myself to 20 minutes and then called it a day.

Yesterday was a high carb day (you all know how much I love those days), it went fairly well. I was under all of my goals, even after I adjusted my numbers because of my weight loss. Last night I was so dang proud of myself, my brother, SIL, and their 4 youngest came over for dinner (that's pretty typical). And of course the kids wanted hot chocolate pudding on ice cream, well I turned down the ice cream and just had a small portion of the hot pudding. That was a total win. It is a step in the right direction for me mentally with my weight loss. Here's a recap of yesterday:

This week I have a very light homework load, a little reading, writing a thesis statement and outline for a future paper, a discussion post, and responding to others outlines/thesis statements. The reading is already done. Plus my outline is about done, just need to write the thesis statement. So all I really need to do is write out my discussion post by tomorrow and wait for others to post their outlines so I can respond to those. I'm hoping this means that I can catch up on the blogs I follow, finally! I've been such a bad blogger friend lately, I've barely read any blogs. But hopefully today I can catch up on all of them!

I should start my thesis statement quickly and maybe start on my discussion posting. Then I promise I'll start catching up on those blogs. Plus I get to watch my Brewers this afternoon. :) So until next time.


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