Saturday, January 26, 2013

Year 1 Day 127 (Day 492)

Good afternoon all! It's a beautiful but cold January afternoon in Wisconsin. There is snow on the ground because it snowed all day yesterday, but it's just beautiful out. It's finally the weekend, which some of you may know, are always a tough time for me nutrition wise. For those of you who don't know, we always have my brother's family over for dinner on Sunday night's and have a ton of food available. Typically, I would have dinner on Sunday be my "eat more food than typical" meal. But this week, I am going to try harder to eat at my calorie goal.

This morning was wonderful, Abid was finally able to have a good conversation with my parents. My parents are willing to sponsor him and so we're going to be able to get this process started soon! :) This is definitely the best part of my day because it means that Abid and I will be able to be together sooner. He was very excited to finally be able to talk to my parents, and my parents were able to meet his mom. It was really nice, I enjoyed the fact that we were all able to talk and that my parents are agreeing to sponsor him so that we can be together.

Today I'm linking up with Jenn and Ricki  and doing the Weekly What? It's more or less just a recap of the week.


I didn't blog on Monday but it was a bad day nutritionally speaking. At that point I still wasn't able to exercise either, so it was tough.

It was also a bad day nutritionally, all in all it was a bad day for me emotionally. I still was unable to exercise as well. But I was able to get something accomplished, I went and got my transcripts sent from my AAS. Plus I wrote out my goals for the week. I'm doing well with those goals. :)

All in all, it was a wonderful day. I did well with my nutrition and I was finally able to exercise again! :) Also, I figured out some English classes for Abid, which was something that I was meaning to do for a few days. And the most exciting thing that I did was look at names for my future children. I looked up many Arabic/Hebrew names and found 13 names that I really loved. Some for first names and others for middle names, I found some beautiful names.

I had an absolutely wonderful day, I did well with my nutrition, exercise, plus I linked up with 2 of my blogging friends about NSV's for the week. The NSV's were one of the best parts of the day because I had 4 wonderful one's. I did gain 2 pounds at my weigh-in but I lost 7 inches since the beginning of January, so it wasn't a total loss. It was also awesome because I finished up level 1 of the 30DS.

I linked up with 2 of wonderful blogger ladies and talked about the Pits and Peaks of the week. It was a wonderful day because I was able to start level 2 of the 30DS and it was super intense (in a good way).

All that being said, it was a good week. It was nice, my SIL gave me a coat that she bought for herself that didn't look right on her. The coat is super cute, I'll put up a picture either tomorrow or Monday. Plus I was able to get a digital food scale today, so that was exciting! :) But we're going to be heading out to church soon, so I need to get ready. So until next time.


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