Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 249

It is a very dreary morning, we're suppose to have thunderstorms throughout the day. But that's okay, we really need the rain. And I'll be inside a lot of the day so it won't bother me too much. I have to say, it was freakishly hard to not weigh myself last night and this morning. That's not a good sign.

Today is going to be a major test for me, since I've gotten back on my diet. We're heading up to my aunt's house to celebrate my grandma's birthday. And let me tell you a little about my family, we love food. The more food the better. Most of my family are very good cooks/bakers, so there will be a ton of delicious food there today. My mom is making two delicious desserts, lemon poppy seed bread with this delicious glaze and brownies. I've been trying my hardest to not go into the kitchen and cut myself a slice of the bread. I absolutely love lemon poppy seed bread, and my mom is a great baker so it's even harder. It's hard, because I don't know what we're all having today so I can't even do any pre-planning. I'm sure that I'll be fine, and if I do eat a little too much then I'll just have to tone down my dinner tonight. And I'll have to get in some exercise tonight after I get home. Probably some kickboxing, more or less because that torches major calories.

Last night was so much fun, like I had said in my last post I had coffee with a good friend last night. We met at 5 and we didn't leave until 8. I can talk to that woman for hours, as we did for 3 hours. :) It was much needed. We laughed, we were serious. She's just an awesome lady!

Well I have to cut this short but we have to head out to my aunt's house, and we have about a 2 hour drive ahead of us. So until next time.


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