Saturday, March 31, 2012

So close

I just thought I'd provide another update about where I'm at.

My challenge is just about over, tomorrow being the last day. I can't believe that it's done already, and honestly I'm sort of upset at how I did. I only lost about 7lbs over 12 weeks, which is better than nothing, but I know that I can better. I have done better. I won't complain though, it's better than gaining. And I just look at one of my inspirational pictures (it is what a pound of fat actually looks like) and I realize that losing 7 of those during this time is a wonderful thing!

But on a happier note, I stepped on the scale yesterday and I'm so extremely close to my first goal! :) Only .4lb left until I hit the 25lb mark, which is an amazing accomplishment. So I'm hoping by this time next week, I'll have hit that mark. All I can do is work hard and hopefully I will finally hit that target.

Oh and another happy note, I have officially been accepted to Ashford University and I'll be starting up in August. :) So I'm moving to Iowa in about 5 months. Which is very, very scary. But at least my best friend lives about 6 minutes away, so she and I are going to have each other at least. And this will be a really great experience for me. I've wanted to go away for school for awhile now, and it's finally happening. I still can't believe it. It's exciting and very scary. It is a huge stress relief off my shoulders though, knowing where I'm going to school after I graduate in a few months. Oh and graduation is exactly 7 weeks from today! :) And then I only have my 2 summer classes left and I'm officially done at MPTC. It's scary just how fast these past 2 years have gone by. And next next year is already my 5 year high school class reunion, which is even scarier.

Soon the next chapter of my life will be beginning, I never thought I'd see it. But things are falling into place and I'm really excited to see where my life takes me.

I'll be posting a reflection blog about my time in my challenge. So until next time.


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