Saturday, February 11, 2012

Homework, homework and more homework

I cannot believe how late it is already. I had such an amazing night last night, I went out for dinner and a movie with my friend Ashley. We saw "The Vow", and it really made me want a man even more, haha. But the movie really was great. And even better, Ashley wanted to talk after and a few things finally clicked for her that me and so many other people have been telling her for months.

Now to today, I've been working on homework most of the day Sadly, I still haven't accomplished as much as I had hoped. But I did get everything done up until Wednesday, so I have a few days to catch up. One of my nieces and nephew were over today and they were terrible. Which really stressed me out, on top of everything else. So now I am still trying to bring my stress level down, but my stomach is starting to hurt again. Thankfully I had church tonight as well, Jaime preached an amazing sermon. But the kids were really bad during church as well, so they won't be coming with us next time or if they do, both of them will be going to children's church. Now I am back home again though, I made dinner and now I'm doing homework and watching Ghost Adventures with my mother.

I suppose though, I am already tired and I should really get more homework done tonight before I head off to bed. So until next time.


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