Monday, July 1, 2013

Refocusing (Day 648)

Hi all!

Happy Monday and Happy July 1st! Can you believe it's July? June flew by and so many changes happened for me. All very positive, except the job not working out... but oh well, it's all part of the adventure. How are you all doing today? It's finally a little cooler here today, thankfully and won't be getting all that warm again for a little bit. I'll take all the cool weather I can get during the summer.

Last night I went to the young adult group at my new church here in CO, I was crazy nervous about it before I got there. In fact, I almost talked myself out of going, but I was insanely blessed by going to it. I met some absolutely amazing people, they were so welcoming and I feel like they could become great friends.

As some of you know, I have been extremely stressed out lately with the whole job situation especially, and that was making me stress eat and made me feel quite alone. So I was feeling pretty down on myself because of that and the scale wasn't the happiest with me either. But I have randomly taking pictures of myself and I took this one... needless to say, I didn't not look like this when I started my new lifestyle. Plus when my friend saw this picture she told me how different I looked then from now. It was very encouraging. But after hearing that, I know that I don't want to start gaining weight again. So I need to refocus: eating within my calorie range and more exercise.

Today marks a month and new day, so my goals start today. Things will be different. I'm starting a challenge with a group on SP that I'm a part of and hopefully that will be the kick in the butt that I need.

Time to get going on homework for the week... Hopefully I'll get a great head start on my finals. Have a wonderful day everyone! So until next time.


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  1. you definitely look different girl. Yea june flew by. first it was the first of june then june 30th was here in no time.