Monday, January 14, 2013

Year 1 Day 115 (Day 480)

It's a beautiful day, cold, but the sun is shining. This morning I stepped on the scale even though it's not my official weigh-in day. But I wanted to start fresh today and see where my weight is at currently. Honestly, I was expecting a gain or to at least maintain my weight. Amazingly enough, I lost .8 lbs! :) I couldn't believe it because I have ate so much unhealthy food and way too much of it the past few days. Somehow I must have still ate at a deficit throughout the week, so I'll take it. But I can't continue eating the way that I have, because the weight won't keep coming off.

I was thinking last night and this morning that if I have some weekly goals it may help me along this journey. So today I'm coming up with some weekly goals. This week my major goal is my diet, I need to stay right around my calorie goal. Mostly I'm focusing on this because I am unable to do heavy exercise while on this antibiotic, only 9 days left until I can get back to it. :) Along with my diet, I am going to focus on rejuvenating myself emotionally. I've been so stressed and emotionally drained for the past month or so and I think that becoming new emotionally will help a lot.

Yesterday I did not do a good job of tracking, so I can't really give a full breakdown of my food. But I do know that I was over 3000 calories, which is about maintenance for me at my current weight. Sadly, what I ate yesterday would have been pretty normal for the old me. Tonight I made a delicious and healthy meal, chicken, green beans and oven roasted garlic red potatoes. It was quite delicious, if I do say so myself, I could have made an entire meal out of those potatoes. :)

But I suppose, it's time to watch my shows and get ready to Skype with my love. So until next time.



  1. .8 is better than a gain. I find goal setting helps too. Good luck

    1. Believe me, that .8 loss was awesome. You don't even want to know what I ate the few days before that.

      I've always set yearly and monthly goals, but I find that even that time frame is too long. So the weekly goals may be really important, we'll see how it goes.

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